Friday, October 14, 2011

Glen Sullivan Resume

So here are the final prints of one of my favourite jobs each year...

The client is a big lover of his superheros, so I thought this end design suited Glen's style to a tee. Glen is using this packaging to house his latest Bodyboarding clip, in which he edits each year to send out to current and potential sponsors to support his Bodyboarding career.

He was pretty pumped after seeing the proofs this year, love working with him as he gives me a truckload of freedom with the brief!

Keep charging Sully! Yew!

Check out

RIP COM AV Branding

Here's a little love job I did for a friend, who has always been there for all my computer technical advice.

The client has recently launched full steam into freelance Computer & Audio Visual services. Boasting a large client base, via word of mouth, basic branding (Identity and Business cards) was all that was required for now.

Looking forward to rolling this one out later...